A range of premium supplements, to address some of the most common issues found in our cats today.

They include Cat'Skin, which is specifically created to support cats with skin challenges, and Senior CatCare, a premium blend of essential nutrients to support the older feline.

Pet'Skin Balm

Pet'Skin Balm is a long-lasting hydrating balm formulated for use on dry skin, cracked noses or pads, cuts, scrapes & rubs

Its gentle natural formula is suitable for cats and dogs.


Cat'Skin is a scientifically formulated supplement to support healthy clear skin and a perfect shiny coat

Recommended for any cat diagnosed with or showing signs of skin irritation or hair loss

Senior CatCare

Senior CatCare is a scientifically formulated supplement to support the needs of the older cat

Recommended for all older cats, both prior to or following diagnosis of old age related issues

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