What is the difference between Mobility and Ageility?

Mobility joint supplement for active dogsMobility is designed for adult dogs who maybe showing signs of stiffness, who lead an active life or who are a breed that may benefit from additional joint support, for example a Labrador or German Shepherd. It contains a synergistic blend of Glucosamine, Chondroitin sulphate, MSM and Hyaluronic Acid that support healthy cartilage and joint lubrication and flexibility.

Ageility joint supplement for older dogsAgeility is designed to support the older dog, providing the same synergistic blend of joint nutrients as Mobility with the additional benefits of ginseng for maintaining good brain function and hawthorn for heart care.

Is it tablet form?

Natural VetCare dog supplements are presented as tasty mini pellets and can be added to the food or fed by hand as a treat.

Cat'Skin and Senior CatCare come in a fine powder which can be mixed into wet food or sprinkled onto dampened dry food.

My dog is already on a joint supplement, will I notice a difference from feeding Natural VetCare?

Natural VetCare supplements are formulated to veterinary specification levels and benefit from a number of unique ingredients, so we often find that dogs feel the benefits quickly and seem even happier when they have been on Natural VetCare for a few weeks.

My dog is only 3; does he need a joint supplement?

Dogs of 3 years old are likely to be very fit and healthy, and in many ways it seems they do not need any additional support. However if your dog is very active or a typical breed that is associated with early onset joint conditions, then fortifying their flexibility through supplementation could be beneficial.

Do you do samples?

We don't produce samples but we have just introduced a new 75g pouch in Mobility, Ageility and Dog'Skin, lasting 30 days for a 20kg dog, which are a perfect trial size to start your dog on.

We have found our products to be incredibly palatable, in fact, a little too much at times...

but should you encounter any problems we do offer a money back guarantee so please contact our advice line or email and we will arrange this for you.

Freephone Advice Line: 0800 1585 332

Email: info@naturalvetcare.com

What happens if my dog eats more than the recommended amount?

While we don't recommend you over feed these products (a little goes a long way), it would be unlikely that eating more than the recommended amount would cause any ill effects.

What is a loading dose?

When you first start using a Natural VetCare joint or skin supplement, we recommend that you double the daily dose for a week, referred to as the loading dose, as this establishes the ingredients within your dog's system so they can get to work quickly.

How long will it take to see a difference?

While every case is different, we would expect to see positive changes within two weeks from starting on the supplement, with continued improvement over the following four weeks.

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How will my order arrive?

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