Relief is a powerful herbal liquid to target joint comfort in dogs. It is ideal for using alongside a joint supplement for additional joint comfort and is perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Highly recommended for all dogs who want to live a comfortable life.

Feeding Instructions
Feeding Instructions

Easy to Feed Liquid!

Relief is designed to ensure maximum palatability and can be offered mixed in with your dog's daily feed.

Omega Oil feeding instructions

Add Relief to your dog's feed daily.

Feeding levels are a guideline and may be adjusted to suit the individual’s level of comfort. For bespoke feeding advice, please contact our helpline.

A 250ml bottle fed at 10ml per day will last approximately 25 days.

Natural Ingredients
Natural Ingredients

360ᵒ Joint Comfort

Anti-inflammatory Support - Powerful herbal extracts of Devil's Claw and Turmeric support the body's anti-inflammatory response and aid comfortable movement.

Antioxidant Defence - The natural antioxidants MSM, Blueberry and Rosemary neutralise the inflammation associated with stiff joints and balance immunity.

Liver Support - Milk Thistle and Artichoke support liver function to aid the metabolism of toxins and absorption of nutrients.

Soothes Digestion - MSM, Ginger and Licorice help soothe the digestive tract and help promote a healthy gut environment. This is of benefit in sensitive stomachs or alongside medication.

Key Ingredients

Devil’s Claw
Milk Thistle


Ingredients Composition

MSM, Glycerine, Maltodextrin.

Additives (per L)

Devil’s Claw 325 ml, Artichoke extract 95 mg, Ginger 0.37 ml, Rosemary 0.37 ml, Licorice 0.28 ml, Milk Thistle 0.84 ml, Blueberry 0.37 ml, Turmeric 0.46 ml

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 0.6 % Crude oils and fats 0.3 % Crude ash 0.2 % Crude fibre 0.1 % Moisture 94.6 %

Veterinary Advice
Veterinary Advice

Ask The Vet

The vets at Natural VetCare create unique supplements here in the UK to support the health of cats and dogs and help them to feel good. If you have any questions regarding your pet, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


"Having seen happy, comfortable dogs enjoying life on Relief, I am confident to recommend it to support comfortable joints in all dogs who need it."

Kate Hore RNutr. Senior Nutritionist NAF.



Charlotte Forkes-Rees - Relief

I keep a bottle in the house at all times, and use it when I know my dogs are going to be more active or travelling, both in the days before hand and then a couple of days after. My dogs have hydrotherapy and regular chiropractic and physio check ups so I tend to use it then in addition to their daily Mobility supplement. They love the taste so they think it is a real treat, and it help relax their muscles and joints after strenuous work or adjustments.

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